Dental Crowns

A crown is a replacement tooth made from ceramic and created to fit over a natural tooth. The natural tooth is filed down so that the crown can fit over it and look like the tooth it covers. These are needed in a wide range of circumstances, and they are a great way to replace the bulk of a tooth that has had serious damage to it. They are made carefully of high-quality ingredients, and they are made to look completely natural.

Getting a Dental Crown

The first step in getting a dental crown is often to get rid of any decay in the tooth. This decayed tooth matter is removed by the dentist so that the decay stops and doesn’t keep getting worse. With a tooth that needs a crown, it may be a large portion of the tooth that needs to be removed. OFten, there is so much that has to be removed from the tooth that simply getting a filling isn’t enough. There may also be not enough tooth left to support a filling, making a crown necessary.

Once the decayed or otherwise damaged portion has been removed, the enamel of the tooth has to be shaped so that it is smooth. Then, an impression is made of the tooth so that a crown can be made that will precisely fit the tooth. You may immediately get a temporary crown to cover the tooth until the permanent crown can be made. However, this is increasingly unnecessary. For many patients, the permanent crown is made right away.

CEREC Crowns

We use CEREC one-visit crowns that can be made and fitted all in the same appointment as the removal of the damaged tooth portion. These all-in-one visits are highly convenient, and you won’t have to wait for a crown to be made in a lab and sent back to our office in order to get it made and fitted.

To get a crown in the past, it would require you to have another dental appointment in which the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent one affixed into its position. Often, there were small adjustments that needed to be made to it so that the fit is precise. Today, the CEREC system makes the permanent crowns with such precision that many patients need no adjustments made at all. The tooth can be prepared for the crown and then you can wait comfortably while the crown is made in the office, often in less than an hour. Then, the crown will be bonded into place.

Crowns today are made from a tooth-colored material so that it looks like your natural tooth. It is even fabricated to be just the same color as the rest of your teeth. They are also made to look great and function well.

Dental crowns are often used after a root canal and if a tooth is broken or chipped or has other serious damage to it. If you may need a dental crown, contact us at North Florida Dentistry to have a consultation with Dr. Harrington and to get a treatment plan made. We will also make sure that you are kept comfortable during your appointment to get your crown made and fitted.