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Professional Dental Care

North Florida Dentistry is a full-service dental care office that provides a wide range of regular and cosmetic dentistry services to patients in the Orange Park area. When you need a reliable dentist who has your best interests in mind, get in touch with us. Not only are we extremely experienced in a wide range of different dental care services, but we take advantage of all the latest technology to make your visits easier. State-of-the-art equipment makes a big difference in terms of quality and comfort. We welcome you to our website and look forward to meeting you in person to serve all your dental care needs.

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General Dentistry

Get a basic teeth cleaning and dental exam to make sure your teeth are in good shape. We are able to address any issues we may find, including cavities, gum disease, and more. Our office utilizes digital X-rays for your comfort and safety.

We are also equipped to deal with dental problems that require advanced solutions such as dental implants, dentures, or bridges.

Cosmetic Dentistry

An attractive smile is something that boosts confidence and self-esteem. At North Florida Dentistry, we provide patients with all the tools necessary to make teeth look their best. From CEREC one-day porcelain crowns to teeth whitening services, we are ready to tackle any issue you may have with your smile. We have also opted to offer Invisalign braces instead of metal braces for those who wish to straighten their teeth.

Please ask us about our smile makeover! It’s a great way to address your overall appearance through a variety of different cosmetic dentistry techniques.

Oral Surgery

This is a service that is not typically offered through a dental office, but we have professionals on staff who are experienced oral surgeons. Although we do not do IV sedation, we are able to make patients comfortable for all the procedures we do in our office. Please contact us for more details.