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General Dentistry Services

North Florida Dentistry offers general dentistry services that include everything from a dental exam to fillings at our Orange Park location. When you need an experienced dentist to provide you with outstanding preventive care and ongoing maintenance, we’re here to help. Our caring staff will make you feel at ease from the time you arrive until the time you leave, and you’ll always be able to ask us questions about the services we provide.

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Dental Exams

We recommend patients come in for a dental exam every six months, so we can keep an eye on any potential issues and monitor your oral health. This type of maintenance appointment can help keep costs down, as we will find problems while they are small and inexpensive to address. During dental exams, we may periodically take digital X-rays to get a more in-depth look at your teeth. A dentist is also able to provide you with an oral cancer screening during your visit.

Teeth Cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning is the best way to avoid tartar and plaque buildup. We provide both regular cleanings and deep cleanings, depending on your needs. Laser teeth cleaning is an option we employ, and we find that patients often prefer it to traditional methods for its comfort and lack of noise.


This dental treatment is used to address cavities and tooth decay. Fillings can be made from a variety of different materials, including those that resemble your natural teeth. What we use is determined by your preference and budget.


There are two main types of dentures, partial and full. As their names suggest, partial dentures replace sections of missing teeth, while full dentures replace them all. Dentures can be an effective solution for those who have severe tooth loss.


A bridge is a cost-effective option for replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth. It is a structure that is placed inside the mouth and attached to the teeth (or one tooth) on either side.


A crown is basically a sort of cap for a damaged tooth that can save it from extraction. We offer porcelain crowns that look just like natural teeth!