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Oral Surgery Experts

North Florida Dentistry performs a variety of oral surgery procedures for patients in the Clay County area. Whether you need dental surgery to remove an impacted tooth or you’re having problems with your wisdom teeth, our expert dentistry services are available to you right here in our facility. We’re among the few offices that provide surgical procedures in the office.

A qualified professional with experience should always do tooth extractions, as even the most minor surgery is still a serious procedure. Our dentistry team performs both minor and major extractions seamlessly, and we handle this type of work all the time at our office in Orange Park. Let us take care of everything just like we do with our other dental services.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal and Other Surgical Services

One of the main reasons people may require dental surgery is they have problems with their wisdom teeth coming in properly. Sometimes these teeth do not have room to grow in, or they may even be coming in sideways. Since each person’s teeth are different, the complexity of this surgery varies greatly depending upon how the teeth are coming in. We’ll talk with you in detail about every step of the procedure, so you know what to expect.

Severely damaged or decayed teeth may also need to be removed through a surgical procedure. This is often done to save other teeth or to prepare for an implant or other type of dental procedure. Some people may need to have teeth removed in order to place a set of partial or full dentures properly. For whatever reason you need a tooth—or teeth—removed, our dedicated dental team knows exactly what to do to make sure you’re comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

A Team You Trust

The fact that you can have dental surgery at a place you’re comfortable with, performed by a team you already know and trust, is a wonderful thing! There are no outside appointments, no meeting new dentists or oral surgeons, and no struggles with the front desk to clarify insurance at the end of the appointment. Simply consult with us about your procedure, set up your appointment, and the rest goes just like a normal dental visit.

Post Surgery Direction

After oral surgery, the professionals at North Florida Dentistry will give you some instructions to follow to help you heal. We’ll make sure you have the information you need to recover properly, along with any prescriptions for antibiotics or pain medication you may need. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the recovery process and the instructions we give you before you go home.